Perspective Eyewear FAQ + Care Tips


Q: What materials are your frames and lenses made of?

A: Our frames are carefully crafted of acetate and polycarbonate (PC). The lenses in all frames are made of PC. PC is stronger, lighter, and more impact resistant than other types of plastic traditionally used to craft eyewear.

Q: Can my prescription be added to your frames?

A: Yes, PC lenses are a good choice for prescriptions up to +/-5.00. People with especially strong prescriptions or severe astigmatism may experience some visual distortions when looking through polycarbonate lenses. 

Q: What is included with my Perspective Eyewear purchase? 

A: All eyewear orders will include a faux suede drawstring pouch, care card, and microfiber lens cleaning cloth. Eyewear bundle orders include our PU leather pouch as well as the items aforementioned above.


  • Wipe away facial oil on the temples, bridge, and nose pads first. This will help avoid smears when cleaning the lenses.

  • Clean lenses with lens cleaner or gentle dish soap with luke warm water. Shake off excess water and dry the lenses with a microfiber cloth.

  • Keep your frames in a case when not being worn to prevent scratches and damage.